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Damages are financial solutions determined by a court to compensate one party for injury by another party. Damages are intended to restore the parties to the state that would have existed if the contract had been performed.

Debt Service Ratios are ratios used to compare borrowers' debts to their incomes to determine if they can afford loans.

Debt-to-Assets Ratio is the ration that identifies how much of a company's operations are funded through borrowing. It is calculated by dividing total liabilities by the total assets.

Debt-to-Equity Ratio is another ratio which assesses how much of a company's operations are funded through borrowing, compared to the amount of money provided by the owners. It is calculated by dividing total liabilities by the total assets.

Debtor is the one who owes debt.

Dedication is granting of the land by the owner for some public use and its acceptance for such use by authorized public officials.
Deed is a legal document in writing, duly executed and delivered, that conveys title or legal interest in real property.
Default is failure to fulfil contractual obligations.
Deficiency Judgement is a court order to pay the balance owed on a loan or mortgage if the proceeds from the sale of the security are insufficient to pay off the loan.

Deficiency Settlement is a monetary settlement by a mortgage lender or insurer when the net proceeds under a Power of Sale or Judicial Sale is less than the lender's total claim.

Demand Letter is a letter sent by the lender to the borrower demanding immediate payment of all arrears, together with costs.

Demographic is characteristics of population such as growth, size, age, etc.

Depreciation is the loss of value of an asset over time.

Direct Comparison is type of appraisal, also refered to as the market data approach, bases property value on the current selling prices of similar properties.

Discharge Document is document issued once the receipt (acknowledging the completion of payment) has been processed and registered on title.

Discharge or Mortgage / Charge is a legal document executed by the lender, and given to the borrower when a mortgage loan has been paid in full, releasing him or her from all obligations and covenants contained in the mortgage.

Disclose Defects means to make known current or past imperfections. Failure to disclose defects will not affect consent, but will have the same effect as misrepresentation.

Disclosure Statement is a written statement disclosing information about a specific loan and potential conflicts of interest required under various consumer protection acts.

Double Up Option is a clause that may be included as part of an open mortgage contract, giving the borrower the opportunity to double the scheduled principal and interest payments.

Draft Mortgage Document specifies  all terms and conditions of the agreement. A lawyer must ensure its contents accurately list loan amounts, interest rates, proper legal descriptions, repayment contract and other factors that affect the loan agreement. The draft mortgage document is a last check on the mortgage required by some lenders.

Draws are stages in which the borrower receivces a partial loan disbursement in a builder's loan.

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