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Qualifying the Borrower is also known as loan qualification. This is the process of analyzing the buyer's eligibility for financing.

Quantum Meruit is latin meaning "as much as he deserved". Quantum meruit determines the actual value of the services provided when either no contract exists or when doubt is cast as to the amount due for the work performed, but under situations when payment could be expected.

Quick Ratio is a measure of a firm's ability  to pay current liabilities quickly, calculated by dividing current assets (minus inventories) by current liabilities.

Quiet Enjoyment is the right of lessee (tenant) to use the leased property without interference from the lessor (owner).

Quiet Possession is the right granted by a lender to the borrower to use the property without interference by the lender until there is default.

Quit Claim means to release or relinquish a claim. In mortgages, a form of title transfer of ownership from the owner to the lender. A quit claim is a default remedy.



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