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Life Insurance Policy Locator. The life insurance policy locator is a free online service that minnesotans can use to help locate lost life insurance policies or annuity contracts that belonged to a deceased family member. The naic life policy locator opens in new.

Finding A Lost Life Insurance Policy NAIC Life Insurance Policy from

Through this service, naic can assist in locating life insurance policies and annuity contracts of a loved one. Talk to family and friends. Tdi has no way of knowing if a person had life insurance.

This Illinois Department Of Insurance Service Can Assist Consumers In Locating And Identifying Individual Life Insurance Policies Or Annuity Contracts Of A Deceased Family Member.

In the locator’s first year (nov. A search of the policy locator service may provide evidence that an application was submitted on the life of the decedent, and such an application may have resulted in the issuance of a policy. Who may use the life insurance policy locator service?

Developed By The National Association Of Insurance Commissioners (Naic), The Life Insurance Policy Locator Allows Individuals Who Believe They Are.

Look at bank statements and check registers for payments to life insurance companies. This is a life insurance policy locator created to help consumers locate deceased family members' policies or other close loved ones. The national association of insurance commissioners (naic):

Each Year, Millions Of Dollars In Life Insurance Benefits Go Unclaimed By Beneficiaries Who Can't Find Their Deceased Loved Ones' Policies Or In Some Cases.

There is some sleuthing you can do to help you find out if there is a policy in place: Search for financial documents in your loved one’s home and safe deposit boxes if you have access to them. Naic and naupa can help you find a lost policy, but they can take three to six months to do so.

The Life Insurance Policy Locator Is A Free Online Tool That Helps Consumers Find Their Deceased Loved One’s Life Insurance Policies And Annuity Contracts.

Visit the website or call 0333 000 0182. Look through your loved one's paper and computer files for the life insurance policy. (031) 5618854 fax (031) 5623725.

The Locator Is Easy To Use.

You need a certified death certificate to complete a request. Monday to friday monday to friday, 8:15 am to 4:45 pm, except district holidays email: You can look up these policies in a few places, including: