National Insurance Rates 2016/17

National Insurance Rates 2016/17. They can be found here. £481 per week/£2,083 per month/£25,000 per year.

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The key tax factors included relate to the. Upper secondary threshold (employees under 21 and apprentices under 25): £481 per week/£2,083 per month/£25,000 per year.

Class 2 Nic Rate Applies For Any Earnings Over £5,965 Per Annum And Is Payable For Each Week.

2% *exemption applies if state pension age was reached by 6 april 2016. £481 per week/£2,083 per month/£25,000 per year. The 2016/17 tax calculator is provided to allow icalculator users to estimate their 2016/17 tax year tax commitments (paye, ni, etc.) and employers to estimate employers national insurance contributions.

National Insurance Contributions 19 Business Tax 21 Offices 27 These Tables Are A Summary And Do Not Cover All Situations.

For the coming 2016/17 financial year it will be £43,000. National insurance rates frozen for 2016/17. Other national insurance payable by employers.

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To keep the alignment in light of the increase to the primary threshold from july 2022, the lower profits limit for 2022/23 has been increased from £9,880 to £11,908. This means employee's over 21 will only. National insurance rates and earnings limits 2015 to 2016.

An Increase In The Higher Rate Threshold Had Been Expected For 2017, But It Has Actually Increased More Than Predicted.

The following nics rates and earnings limits are those that apply from 6 april 2016. Business tax & investment incentives 2015; £967 per week/£4,189 per month/£50,270 per year.

Tax • Taxable Pay Tables:

Pensions 2016/17 2015/16 annual allowance (£) 40,000 b, c 80,000 a, c lifetime allowance (£). £967 per week/£4,189 per month/£50,270 per year. National insurance contribution thresholds 2017/18 £ per week 2016/17 £ per week weekly lower earnings limit (lel) 113 112 weekly primary threshold (pt) 157 155 weekly secondary threshold (st) 157 156 upper earnings limit (uel) 866 827 upper profits limit (per year) 45,000 43,000 upper secondary threshold for u21’s 866 827 small profits threshold (spt).